Submission Guidelines

PrintPlease send us your story and required files via a private inbox message on the official Facebook Fan Page or via regular e-mail.  We accept both ways, as long as you can attach all required files needed for your story.  Our team will review your submission and you will be contacted for further instructions or feedback, prior to be posted/published on our website and/or printed version.  Once the stories are ready for viewing on the website, or print version ready, notifications will be posted on all of our social media outlets. 

Items needed:

  • Your article story
  • Pictures for your article (original files)
  • A short bio of you, for your profile that will be created
  • Any additional pictures for your bio
  • Picture release form filled out

Submissions guidelines for website and/or print:

1. Should be sent preferably as a word document, via email or attached via our Facebook Fan Page private message inbox.

2. On-line word limit: Although there is no word limit for the length of on-line articles, we encourage authors to target around  3,000 words whenever possible.  If you need more words, then feel free to elaborate more on your article as we understand every story and event is different for everyone, therefore, we will work with you and be flexible.

3.  Print magazine word limit: We encourage authors to target around  800 words whenever possible for the print version as space is limited.

4. When submitting pictures please attach the files separately from your article.  Pictures should be original files, high resolution 300dpi, accepted in JPEG, GIF, PNG, EPS, or PDF formats.  Resolution will be adjusted accordingly for website display and for print.  A copy of a picture release form will be available both in our website and in the Facebook fan page.   Please download a copy fill it out, and return to us.   You can just type the required information and then send back.  We will keep this form in our records and it is just to get your authorization for us to use your pictures with your article, and also as illustration, promotion, publicity, and on any other printed materials to promote Daring & Inspiring Souls.

4. We understand this will be written in first person, and we encourage authors to exercise good grammar practices whenever possible.  Don’t worry we will help you edit the article prior to posting, but please do your best in preparing your article as it will save us time in order to prepare it.  Please allow 4-6 weeks before we can have article ready, and exchange feedback with you.   Our goal is to feature several stories each month so we will notify you for what cycle/month will be posted.  

Here are some questions you can find useful as a guideline to get started with your article:

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.
  • How did you got started with what you are currently doing?  What was your inspiration?
  • Describe some of the challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?
  • Elaborate (if any) on a particular event or events, that made an impact in you that led you to pursue the path you have taken.  Tell us about what you experienced. 
  • Tell us what are your future goals and hope to accomplish.
  • Don’t forget to elaborate about your passions, what motivates you, and what it means to you, what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Remember, it is an inspirational story, about you, your passion, and inspiration.  We want your article to carry substance, to be sincere, warm, and heartfelt.  Our stories should connect with our readers, as they could be experiencing circumstances similar to yours, and in the end your story could be a source for motivation, hope, and encouragement to them!


This is just an example of many other things you can talk about related to writing your own story and experiences.  Please organize your thoughts, and exercise a GOOD and PROPER sequence of events for your story.  We really want you to take a moment to reflect on your own experiences and don’t be shy to reach deep in expressing yourself.  Remember this is how your audience will connect with your story.  We will provide help with the editing, but we appreciate your EFFORTS in you writing complete sentences and complete words from the start.


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