Inspirational Stories

Setting Captives Free

Michelle Smith

    by Michelle Smith My life’s passion is reaching out to one of the most forgotten populations in America: the at risk and incarcerated youth! In 2002-2003 my eyes were opened and my heart began to break for troubled, neglected youth in Orange County, CA when I was a child care worker, in group homes for abused teens. This ...

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Rise And Grind with Brittany Warly


Rise And Grind With Brittany Warly by Brittany Warly   I am a 20 year-old triplet, triathlete, and mechanical engineering/engineering management student at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I did not grow up with a background in any of the three disciplines of triathlon; I grew up playing tennis. I moved away from home at the age of thirteen ...

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Mark H. Wilson; A Coach For Everyone!

Mark H. Wilson

A Coach for Everyone! by Mark H. Wilson I have always been interested in helping people through my teaching and coaching gifts. Being a part of a group has been my experience all along such as sports, singing, directing races, etc. The one thing I’ve noticed about working with others is that they need to know that you are going ...

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Melanie Bocock And The Endurance Sisterhood

Melanie Bocock

Melanie Bocock And The Endurance Sisterhood by Melanie Bocock I remember back in the middle of 2009 I found myself 60 pounds overweight and trying to live and work productively despite suffering chronic struggles with depression and anxiety. For some reason I had packed on the pounds over a period of eight years.  What started as postpartum depression, combined with ...

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A Year Of Promise, Disappointment, Perseverance, and Victory

Krista Joan Szyszkowski

by Krista Szyszkowski I started running cross country and track in elementary school when I was inspired by watching my dad run marathons.  My four sisters and I would cheer him on from the sidelines and play “Chariots of Fire” as he ran by smiling and waving.  Many mornings my dad would drag me out of bed to get an ...

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