A Year Of Promise, Disappointment, Perseverance, and Victory

Krista Joan Szyszkowski

by Krista Szyszkowski I started running cross country and track in elementary school when I was inspired by watching my dad run marathons.  My four sisters and I would cheer him on from the sidelines and play “Chariots of Fire” as he ran by smiling and waving.  Many mornings my dad would drag me out of bed to get an ...

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Aimee Smith, Loses 222 Pounds To Become A Triathlete

Aimee Smith

by Aimee Smith   I’ve always been overweight – graduated high school at 300 pounds and kept going from there. Food was used in my family for all emotions – from celebrations to coping and everything in between. I remember vividly going from one fast food joint to another in search of the perfect meal – burger from one, fries ...

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The Power to Change; A Transformational Journey

Ellen Bittner

by Ellen Bittner   The picture on left was taken of me in 2003, when I was still a sedentary, lethargic woman; and before I became an avid swimmer and national powerlifting champion.  As I was preparing to retire, I began to look for ways to become healthier & more physically fit. I knew that swimming was a good form ...

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