Daring and Inspiring Souls was created to collect, feature, and showcase inspiring stories from individuals around the world. Inspiring stories from those who have made a difference in their communities, created/developed something who impacted many others, or perhaps attempted to do something extraordinary in their lives participating in a fitness, sport, multi-sport event or events, or simply a challenging physical activity.  We hope you will find this website a valuable source of hope, inspiration, and encouragement.  It’s a place to watch videos, read and share inspirational stories of strengths, sacrifices, struggles, accomplishments, tests of the human spirit, promises, passions, triumphs, and much more!.

We encourage all of you with an inspirational story, to share it with us and others here.  We want to hear your own story, the how’s and the why’s, and elaborate on how this experience really impacted your life.  This is about people motivating people and your story can make a difference in someone else’s life!

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